INTERIM Union BUDGET 2019 Quiz – Important Questions

 INTERIM Union BUDGET 2019 Quiz – Important Questions   INTERIM Union BUDGET 2019 Quiz – Important Questions. These questions are useful for various competitive examinations in India such as UPSC, SSC, IBPS, Banking, Railways, Insurance, AFCAT, NDA, MBA, Defence, State civil services and others Q1: What amount per year will be given to the farmers under PM-Kisan Scheme? Rs 6000/- Q2: What is the allocated budget for PM-Kisan Scheme forRead More

Union Budget 2019-2020: Highlights of Interim Budget 2019

Union Budget 2019-2020 of India was presented by the Union Minister for Finance, Corporate Affairs, Railways & Coal, Shri Piyush Goyal. The knowledge about yearly Union Budget is very important from the examinations point of view. Many questions are based on the Annual Union Budget in exams like UPSC, SSC, BANK PO, BANK Clerical etc. Also, it is the favourite topic of the interview panel in various Job interviews. So, ThisRead More

Jal Marg Vikas Project – Benefits and Concerns

The Jal Marg Vikas Project will facilitate plying of vessels with capacity of 1,500-2,000 tonnes in the Haldia- Varanasi stretch of the River Ganga.
Major works that are being taken up under Jal Marg Vikas Project are the development of fairway, Multi-Modal Terminals, strengthening of river navigation system, conservancy works, modern River Information System (RIS), Digital Global Positioning System (DGPS), night navigation facilities, modern methods of channel marking etc.

Iran Becomes India’s Second biggest Oil Supplier, Replaces Saudi Arabia

Iran becomes India’s second biggest Oil Supplier: Between April 2018 and June 2018, Iran was the second-biggest crude oil supplier to Indian state refiners It replaced Saudi Arabia as the second-biggest oil supplier to Indian state refiners. How did Iran become becomes india’s second biggest Oil Supplier in this period? Thanks to the steeper discounts offered by Iran on the oil, India almost doubled its imports from Iran between April 2018 andRead More

Economy topics for UPSC 2015

Economy topics for UPSC 2015: Jan Dhan Yojana: Read about this Here:  NITI Aayog (National Institution for Transforming India): Read about Niti Aayog Here: Shanta Kumar Committee – FCI Restructing: Read the Main points of the Report Here: Mint Rural Distress Index: A Mint index of rural distress is based on the growth of farm output, rural wages and tractor sales.  Read more about Mint Rural Distress Index Here:  DDRead More