Daily Editorial Vocabulary in Hindi – 12th August 2019

Daily Editorial Vocabulary

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Rein in



Daily The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary:

Read below the following piece of Editorial from The Hindu Newspaper. The important words are underlined and the meanings of those words in English and Hindi are given below. Practising such editorials will be very useful to increase English Vocabulary and is a must for students preparing for exams like SSC, IBPS, SBI, CAT, GMAT, RRB, UPSC, Civil Services, MAT, IELTSm TOEFL and other exams.

Protests broke out in Hong Kong two months ago when local authorities proposed a Bill that would have allowed them to extradite suspects to places with which the city doesn’t have (1) extradition treaties, including mainland China. The Bill was suspended amid public anger, but the protests, now entering the tenth week, continue to rock the city, affecting the economy and setting off an (2) unprecedented political crisis. The police have tried several tactics to (3) rein in the protesters and restore normalcy in the city, a major Asian financial hub and business centre. They have fired tear gas shells and rubber bullets. Dozens have been arrested, some on riot charges. Still, the city has been on a standstill. Public transportation is hit. People, from construction workers to teachers and lawyers, have joined the demonstrations. The protesters (4) ransacked the local legislative council building and occupied parts of the airport, which led to the cancellation of several flights. (5) Graffiti appeared across the city calling for “a revolution” and “liberation” of Hong Kong. Despite warnings from both the city government and Beijing, the protesters don’t seem to be in a mood to leave the streets.

Extradition (Noun): प्रत्यर्पण

Meaning: It means sending someone back to the country or state where they’ve been accused of a crime.

 वापस आने या लौटने की क्रिया

Synonyms: deportation, expulsion, banishment, expatriation, ostracism, proscription

Pronounciation: ek-struh-dish-uh n

Unprecedented (Adjective): अभूतपूर्व

Meaning: never done or known before

जो पहले न हुआ हो।

Synonyms: bizarre,extraordinary, fantastic, miraculous, new, remarkable, singular, uncommon, unheard-of

PRONOUNCIATION : uhn-pres-i-den-tid

Rein in (Phrasal verb):   अधीन करना

Meaning: to limit or control (someone or something)

अधिकार में  रखना

Synonyms: abate, curb
curtail, decelerate
decrease, diminish, hinder
lessen, moderate
reduce, retard
slacken, stall


Ransack (Verb): लूटना

Meaning: go through (a place) stealing things and causing damage

लूट खसोट करना

Synonyms: comb, gut
loot, pillage
plunder, raid, rob
scour, seize, take away


Graffiti (Noun): भित्ति चित्र
Meaning: writing or drawings scribbled, scratched, or sprayed illicitly on a wall or other surface in a public place.

 ऐसा चित्र जो दीवार पर बनाया गया हो

Synonyms: defacement,
doodles, cave painting, scribbling


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