Dr  Ramesh Kumar Sen of Sundernagar in Mandi has been conferred with Himachal Gaurav Award 2019.

Dr. Ramesh Kumar Sen has been working as senior director and head of the institute of orthopaedics surgery at Max Hospital, Mohali, He has been conferred the Himachal Gaurav Award by the HP Government for his outstanding services in the health sector.

About Himachal Gaurav Award:

  • Himachal Gaurav Purskar was started in the 1992. Persons of either ‘sex’ in all walks of life are eligible for Himachal Gaurav Purskar.
  • The Members of Armed Forces, Police Forces and the recognized Fire Services etc. are eligible for the purskar provided the life saving act/ gallant work is performed by them otherwise than in the course of their duty.
  • There will be maximum four awards in a year , Three for individuals and one for a group.
  • The award can also be conferred posthumously.
  • The Person,/ Group of persons, who is to be decorated with the Himachal Gaurav Purskar should either be Himachali or the commendable job should have been done in/ for Himachal Pradesh.

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