‘Hilldaari’ movement to make Dalhousie clean

On 23rd August 2019, the Nestle India, in collaboration with Recity Network and Dalhousie Municipal Council, launched the ‘Hilldaari’ initiative in Dalhousie.

The ‘Hilldaari’ movement aims to transform solid waste management practices and make Dalhousie one of the cleanest hill stations of India. The ‘Hilldaari’ initiative aims that no plastic waste should end up in the landfills. With the support of the Hotel Association in Dalhousie, the project team had conducted a pilot awareness campaign across 96 hotels and partnered with various stakeholders to undertake multiple clean-up and plantation drives

At the event, 12 household waste management professionals were felicitated for their exemplary service to the city. A campaign anthem, ‘Do Ekam Do’, inspiring locals and tourists to be ‘Responsible towards hills’ was also performed by Manzil Mystics, a folk fusion band from Delhi.

In the pilot stage, it was made sure that the vehicles plying to collect waste from the city had two separate compartments to collect dry and wet waste. In Dalhousie, the terrain makes it difficult to collect waste from certain areas. To tackle this problem, ‘caged storage bins’ have been installed as a pilot project in Ward 4 of the town.

The aim of this movement is to effectively implement an integrated solid waste management plan.

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