Himachal Pradesh Census 2011

Himachal Pradesh Census 2011 and Profile

Himachal Pradesh Census 2011

Himachal Pradesh is popularly called as ‘Abode of God’ , ‘Devbhoomi’ and the ‘Fruit bowl of India’. Himachal Pradesh as a full-fledged state came into existence in 1971 as the 18th state of India. It accounts for 1.7 % of the total geographic area of India and is the 17th largest state in terms of area. Also, As per Census 2011, it constitutes 0.57% of the total population of India. In terms of Population, it is the ranks 20th among the 28 states of India.


Himachal Pradesh at a Glance:

  • Geographic Profile:
Geographical Area55673 sq. Kms
Area Under Forests37,033 sq. Kms
Percentage of Area under Forests66.5%
Percentage of Area to total Area of India1.7%
Maximum Altitude7026 m
  • Administrative Profile:
Official LanguageShimla
No. of Sub-divisions55673 sq. Kms
No. of Development Blocks37,033 sq. Kms
No. of Tehsils66.5%
No. of Sub-Tehsils1.7%
No. of Villages7026 m
Lok Sabha seats4
Rajya Sabha seats3
Total Vidhan Sabha Seats68
Poverty Rate (2011-12)8.06%
  • Himachal Pradesh  Census 2011:
Population ( Census 2011)68,64,602
Percentage of Population to Total Population of India0.57%
Population in Urban areas10.03%
Population in Rural areas89.97%
Sex Ratio972
Population Density123
Literacy Rate83.78%
Male Literacy90.83%
Female Literacy76.60%
Infant Mortality Rate(2010)40/1000
Death Rate(2010)6.7/1000
Birth Rate(2010)16.2/1000
Decennial Growth Rate ( Census 2001 – 2011)12.94%
SC Population(in %)25.2%
ST Population (in %)5.7%
Child Sex Ratio909
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Himachal Pradesh Census 2011  in HPAS exams:

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