Himachal suffers a loss of 1217.29 crores due to Rains

While presiding over a meeting to review monsoon related damages and losses in the State from July 1 to September 17, the Chief Minister said that 33 cloudburst and 391 landslides in the State resulted in the death of 264 persons and a loss of Rs 1,217.29 crores.

He further added that the Public Works Department suffered a maximum loss of Rs 735 crore while the loss suffered by the irrigation and health department is Rs 328.78 crore. The power sector and the agricultural and horticulture sector suffered a loss of Rs 24 crore and Rs 88 crore respectively.

The State Government has provided Rs 229 crore for carrying restoration and repair works and the state will also submit a memorandum before the Centre so that it could be adequately compensated and restoration work be undertaken

Damage due to Rains in 2019 in Himachal Pradesh

This year due to heavy rainfalls the State of Himachal Pradesh saw damages to roads, rail networks and bridges. Around 199 people lost their lives in road accidents due to rain. The State also witnessed the maximum amount of rain in a single day which was 1,065 percent more than the normal for that day.

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