The State government has come out with a strict policy pertaining to postgraduate and super speciality medical courses.

From now on doctors who wish to do their post graduate and superspeciality courses will have to sign a bond with the State. The bond will mandate a doctor to serve the State for four years including fisrt year field post. Besides this, the doctor will have to submit his/her MBBS degree which will be returned only after the completion of the bond period or payment of the full bond.

Also, a separate undertaking would be given by the doctor that in case he/she fails to complete the course, they shall be liable for Rs 10 lakh to the government for wastage of seat. In case a doctor undermines the bond the State government can recover the total salary paid to the doctor during the course and also the recover the bond amount. Also, their bachelor degree will not be returned and their registration with Medical Council will also be terminated.


The policy has been notified in the backdrop of a scenario where around more than two dozen specialists have without even serving for their mandatory service period have left the government job. The government is agitated because it spends a lot on each candidate and also pays them full salary and other allowances.

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