HP GK – Rivers of Himachal Pradesh

HP GK – HPPSC Exams – Rivers of Himachal Pradesh

HP GK - Rivers of Himachal Pradesh



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HP GK is one of the main focus points of HPPSC exams. Rivers of Himachal Pradesh are one of the important topics of HP GK in the HPPSC exams like HPAS, HPSSSB, Naib-tehsildar etc. This article gives you some of the important rivers of Himachal Pradesh with some brief  facts and data about them like their length, place of origin, tributaries etc.

How many major Rivers flow through Himachal Pradesh?

In Himachal Pradesh,  there are five major Rivers flowing through Himachal Pradesh which provide water to Indus and Ganga river systems. These rivers are

  • Beas
  • Chenab
  • Ravi
  • Sutlej (longest river of himachal pradesh)
  • Yamuna (shortest river of himachal pradesh)

Major Rivers of Himachal Pradesh  :


  • Vedic Name – Arjikiya
  • Sanskrit Name – Bipasa
  • Origin – From Beas Kund near Rohtang Pass
  • Length – 256 kms in HP
  • Main Tributaries-  Gaj, Binwa. Sainj, Banganga, Chakki, Parbati, Hurla, Suketi, Luni, Neugal
  • Enter Mandi district at Bajaura and Leaves Mandi at Sandhol to enter Kangra.
  • Enters Punjab at Mirthal and merges with Sutlej at Hari ka Patan in Ferozepur district of Punjab


  • Vedic Name – Askini
  • Sanskrit Name – ChandraBhaga
  • Origin – Formed from the confluence of river Chandra and river Bhaga which arises from the opposite sides of BaraLacha Pass.
  • Length – 122 kms in HP
  • Main Tributaries – Miyar Nullah, Siacher Nullah.
  • Enters Pangi valley at Bhujind and leaves district Chamba at Sansari Nala to enter Podar valley of Kashmir.
  • Largest river of Himachal Pradesh in terms of volume of water


  • Vedic Name – Purushuni
  • Sanskrit Name – Iravati
  • Origin – Rises as a joint stream formed by Bhadal and Tantagiri
  • Length – 158 kms in HP
  • Main Tributaries-  Bhadal. Tantagiri, Chamera, Baljedi, Chitrari, Tundehan, Siul, Baira
  • Separates PirPanjal range from Dhauladhar
  • Alexander called it ‘Hyphasis’


  • Vedic Name – Satudri
  • Sanskrit Name – Shatadru
  • Origin – From Rakas lake near Mansarovar lake in Tibet
  • Length – 320 kms in HP
  • Main Tributaries-  Baspa, Spiti, Nogli, Soan, Ali, Bhaba
  • Enters Himachal Pradesh in District Kinnaur at Shipkila
  • Largest artificial lake Govind Sagar is on Sutlej.
  • Bhakra Nangal Dam is on Sutlej.



  • Vedic Name – Kalindi
  • Origin – From Yamunotri in Garhwal Hills of Uttarakhand
  • Shortest river in himachal.
  • Main Tributaries-  Tons, Pabbar, Giri, Andhra, Bata, Jalal, Rupin
  • Enters Himachal Pradesh in District Sirmaur at Khadar Majri
  • Easternmost river of HP
  • Tons river which is a tributary of Yamuna forms a natural boundary between HP and Uttarakhand.

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  1. What is total length of yamuna river and total length of yamuna flowing in himachal pradesh?

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  2. the length of Sutlej in himachal is 320 km not 1320…..please confirm at least once before providing any information

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