Sangam Age – MCQ Quiz on Ancient Indian History for UPSC Civil Services, SSC etc.

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Q: Where did the third Sangam take place?

a. Kochi

b. Madurai

c. Mahabalipuram

d. Thanjavaur

Q: Who was the primary deity of Sangam Period?

a. Seyon

b. Pashupati

c. Ram

d.  Shiva

Q: Who was the author of Silappathigaram ?

a. Thiruvalluvar

b. Sitalai Sattanar

c. Elango Adigal

d. None

Q: Where was the capital of Cheras located?

a. Uraiyur

b. Vanji

c. Puhar

d. Madurai

Q: Which Kingdom the famous king Karikala belonged to?

a. Cholas

b. Cheras

c. Pandyas

d. None

Q: To which kingdom the famous king Uggira Peruvaludhi belonged to?

a. Pandyas

b. Cheras

c. Cholas

d. None

Q: What was the royal emblem of Cholas?

a. Tiger

b. Bow

c. Carp

d. Arrow

Q: What was the chief occupation of people belonging to Palai?

a. Agriculture

b. Salt Manufacturing

c. Honey collection

d. Robbery

Q: Who won the Battle of Venni?

a. Karikala

b. Ramsagar II

c. Nagarjuna

d. Kalamegha

Q: What was the cause of the decline of Sangam Age?

a. Massive Flood

b. Mughal attack

c. Occupation by Kalbhras

d. None of the above

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