Indian History Quiz Practice Test – (Revolt of 1857) for UPSC Civil Services, SSC etc.

Indian History Quiz Practice Test  contains Modern Indian History questions and answers relevant to examinations like UPSC Civil Services, SSC, AFCAT, CDS etc. This Modern Indian History Practice test  focuses on the Revolt of 1857 – the first war of Independence. So, these  questions are directly or indirectly based on  Revolt of 1857 topic.


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Indian History QuizIndian History QuizIndian History Quiz



2:  Who was declared as the emperor of India by the Sepoys during the Revolt of 1857?

  1. Bahadur Shah Zafar
  2. Akbar II
  3. Aurangzeb
  4. Alam Shah


3: When did the Revolt of 1857 break out ?

  1. 11 Oct 1857
  2. 11 May 1857
  3. 11 Feb 1857
  4. 11 Dec 1857


4: Who was the leader of the revolt of 1857 in Bihar  ?

  1. Nana Saheb
  2. Kunwar Singh
  3. Khan Bahadur Khan
  4. Tantia Tope

5: Which of the following is true regarding the nature of the revolt of 1857?

  1. Only sepoys participated in the revolt and the civilians were not active.
  2. Sepoys from all over India were active in the revolt.
  3. The sepoy mutiny was followed by a mass civil rebellion in various provinces.
  4. There was no support to the British from any section of Indian society during this revolt.

6: Which of the following European officers defeated Rani Lakshmi Bai of Jhansi during the revolt of 1857?

  1. Colonel Saunders
  2. General Hugh Rose
  3. Colonel Clive
  4. Simon Frazer

7: Which of the following places was Bahadur Shah Zafar deported to, after the capture of Delhi by the British ?

  1. Andaman Jail
  2. Burma
  3. Britain
  4. China

8: Which of the following is not one of the reasons for the Failure of the Revolt of 1857 ?

  1. The sepoys lacked courage and heroism.
  2. The sepoys had no source of modern arms and ammunitions.
  3. Some section of Indian society supported the British.
  4. Lack of planning and organisation.


9: What was the immediate cause of outbreak of Revolt of 1857  ?

  1. The mass conversion of Hindus to Christianity.
  2. The introduction of Enfield rifles in the army.
  3. The salary cut in the army by the British
  4. The oppressive land revenue policy declared by Britishers in Awadh.

10: Which of the following was the reason of opposition to the Enfield Rifles ?

  1. The cartridges of Enfield rifles had to be bitten off with mouth and the grease was made of beef and pig fat.
  2. They sepoys were not trained to use the Enfield rifles and they were not very easy to use.
  3. The sepoys were not happy with the quality of the rifles.
  4. None

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Indian History QuizIndian History QuizIndian History Quiz

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