The district-level Janmashtami fair of Nurpur will be celebrated as state-level fair from next year.

In view of the immense historical importance of Brij Raj Swami temple at Nurpur, where the district Janmashtami fair is held, the government has decided to celebrate the district-level Janmashtami fair of Nurpur as state-level fair from next year.

Significantly, this temple in the historical Nurpur fort is the only temple across the world where the idol of Meera is worshipped alongside Lord Krishna’s. The residents of the area have lauded the efforts of the MLA in getting the local Janmashtami fair declared as a state-level event.

Earlier too, the Janmashtami fair was declared district fair by previous PK Dhumal government (2008-12).

About Brij Raj Swami temple:

Brij Raj Swami Temple is located in Nurpur. Brij Raj Swami Temple is dedicated to the Hindu deity Krishna and Meera, one of the greatest devotees of Lord Krishna. Situated inside the Nurpur Fort, this is the only temple where idols of Lord Krishna and Meera are worshipped together. The idol of Lord Krishna was brought by the King of Nurpur from Maharana Chittorgarh.

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