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2.)In which year Bal Gangadhar Tilak was released from Jail after serving a sentence of 6 years?

  1. 1913
  2. 1914
  3. 1917
  4. 1918

3) Who was appointed as the organizing secretary of Annie Besant’s Home Rule Leagues?

a) Indulal Yagnik
b) Jamnadas Dwarkadas
c) H.P Blavatsky
d) George Arundale

4) Who presided over the annual session of Indian National Congress in 1917?

a) Annie Besant
b) Sarojini Naidu
c) PherozeShah Mehat
d) Mahatma Gandhi

5) In which of the following regions was Bal Gangadhar Tilak’s home rule league was NOT set up?

a) Bombay city
b) Berar
c) Karnataka
d) Central Provinces

6) Who amongst the following renounced his knighthood after the arrest of Annie Besant and her associates?

a) Rabindra nath Tagore
b) S.P Sinha
c) S. Subramaniya Aiyar
d) None of the above

7) In which year did Bal Gangadhar Tilak setup his league?

a) 1915
b) 1916
c) 1917
d) 1918

8) In which year did Indian National Congress allow the re-entry of Extremists?

a) 1915
b) 1916
c) 1917
d) 1918

9) How may branches of Home rule league did Bal Gangadhar Tilak set up?

a) 10
b) 5
c) 6
d) 8

10) What was included in the Home Rule league programme?

a) Social Work
b) Political Education
c)Participation in local Government activities
d) All of the above

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