SSC Previous Years General Science Questions – Biology Part 1 – MCQ on General Science for SSC, Railways, UPSC, IBPS etc.

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2.)  The pigment involved in photosynthetic activity is?





3) A drug which helps in controlling fever is?





4) Haemophilia is mostly associated with:

(a) Labourers

(b) Royal families

(c) Miners

(d) Sportsmen

5) The deficiency of iron in man result in :

(a) Anaemia

(b) Night blindness

(c) Scurvy

(d) Rickets

6) Which enzyme converts proteins into peptides?

(a) Pepsin

(b) Trypsin

(c) Erepsin

(d) Enterokinase

7)  Polio is caused by :





8) The normal body temperature of human beings is :

(a)98.6 °F

(b)98.4 °F

(c)97.6 F

(d)98.0 F

9) Goitre is caused by the deficiency of?

(a) Iodine

(b) Chlorine

(c) Sodium

(d) Calcium

10)  White lung disease is prevalent among the workers of:

(a)paper industry

(b)Cement industry

(c)Cotton industry

(d)Pesticide Industry

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