SSC Previous Years General Science Questions – Physics Part 1 – MCQ on General Science  for SSC, Railways, UPSC, IBPS etc.

SSC Previous Years General Science Questions – Physics. Try SSC Previous years General Science Physcis questions. Click on ‘Show Answer’ button to reveal the correct option.

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2.)Which among the following is the fundamental quantity ?

  1. Volume
  2. Time
  3. Velocity
  4. Force

3) Ball pen functions on the principle of?

  1. Viscosity
  2. Boyles Law
  3. Gravitational force
  4. Surface tension

4) The part of the eye having the largest refractive index is:? ?

  1. Cornea
  2. Aqueous humor
  3. Lens
  4. Vitreous humor

5) When milk is churned the cream separates from it due to: ?

  1. Frictional force
  2. Centrifugal force
  3. Gravitational force
  4. Viscous forces

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