Fairs/Festivals of Himachal Pradesh – HP GK

HPPSC Exam – HP GK – Fairs/Festivals of Himachal Pradesh The Fairs/Festivals of Himachal Pradesh have educational, social and religious character. Fairs/Festivals of Himachal Pradesh are one of the hot topics in the HPPSC exams like HPAS, HPSSSB, Naib-tehsildar etc. This article gives you some of the important Fairs/Festivals of Himachal Pradesh and someRead More

HPPSC EXAMS – HP GK – Monuments, Towns

HPPSC EXAMS – HP GK – Monuments, Towns       HP Gk is an important part of all the HPPSC exams like Himachal Pradesh Administrative Services examination, Naib-Tehsildar, Lecturers and others. These series of articles will help the students to brush-up their Himachal Pradesh General Knowledge before the exams.Read More

Himachal Pradesh G.K (HPAS) – Customs and Manners

Himachal Pradesh G.K (HPAS) – Customs and Manners Birth Ceremony: The Umblical chord is cut by mid-wife holding a SILVER-COIN or a Silver Instrument. GURANI– Mixture of Ghee and Milk. After the birth, the mother is made to drink Gurani. BADHAI – Relatives congratulate the Birth by offering Turf leavesRead More