HPAS MAINS General Studies PAPER-3 Notes

HPPSC HPAS Mains General Studies Paper-3 broadly consists of the topics like Indian Economy, Economy of Himachal Pradesh, Environment and Ecology, Applications of Science and Technology, Space Technology, Development and Issues related to Power sector, IT, Science and Technology developments in Himachal Pradesh, Tourism in Himachal Pradesh General Studies Paper-3Read More

HPAS MAINS 2018 Daily Answer Writing Practice

HPAS MAINS 2018 Daily Answer Writing Practice Answer Writing is very important when it comes to HPAS Mains Preparation. Below are given few questions from each of the three General Studies Paper. Comment your answers for each question in the comment box. Word-Limit: 300-400 words Click Here to Join HPASRead More

HPAS Books and Pattern – HPPSC

HPAS Books and Pattern HPAS or Himachal Pradesh Administrative Services is the premier examination conducted by HPPSC. Successful candidates in HPAS are selected for the most prestigious posts in the state government. Every year, thousands of candidates from across the India appear in this exam to try their luck. But theRead More

Fairs/Festivals of Himachal Pradesh – HP GK

HPPSC Exam – HP GK – Fairs/Festivals of Himachal Pradesh The Fairs/Festivals of Himachal Pradesh have educational, social and religious character. Fairs/Festivals of Himachal Pradesh are one of the hot topics in the HPPSC exams like HPAS, HPSSSB, Naib-tehsildar etc. This article gives you some of the important Fairs/Festivals of Himachal Pradesh and someRead More

Himachal Pradesh G.K (HPAS) – Customs and Manners

Himachal Pradesh G.K (HPAS) – Customs and Manners Birth Ceremony: The Umblical chord is cut by mid-wife holding a SILVER-COIN or a Silver Instrument. GURANI– Mixture of Ghee and Milk. After the birth, the mother is made to drink Gurani. BADHAI – Relatives congratulate the Birth by offering Turf leavesRead More