World Geography Quiz Practice Test 4 (Australia-Physical)

World Geography Quiz Practice Test 4 (Australia- Physical) for UPSC Civil Services, SSC etc.

World Geography Quiz Practice Test 4 contains World Geography questions and answers relevant to examinations like UPSC Civil Services, SSC, AFCAT, CDS etc. The World Geography Quiz Practice test 4 focuses on the Physical features of Continent of Australia. So, these Geography questions are directly or indirectly based on physical aspects of Continent of Australia.


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1: The highest Mountain Peak of Australia is?

  1. Mt. Kosciusko
  2. Mt. ISA
  3. Mt. Edwin
  4. Mt. Carlington


2: The largest lake of Australia is ?

  1. Lake Darling
  2. Lake Eyre
  3. Lake Murray
  4. Lake Victoria


3: Which of the following sea separate Australia from Indonesia ?

  1. Tasman Sea
  2. Red Sea
  3. Coral Sea
  4. Arafura Sea


4: The Largest lake of New Zealand is?

  1. Lake Taupo
  2. Lake Darlington
  3. Lake Isa
  4. Lake Carla

5: The temperate grasslands of New Zealand are called as ?

  1. Velds
  2. Steppes
  3. Canterbury
  4. Downs

6: Which Australian lake is a Petroleum lake? ?

  1. Lake Eyre
  2. Lake Dalrymple
  3. Lake Murray
  4. Lake Darling

7: Which of the following deserts is not in Australia?

  1. Great Victorian Desert
  2. Gobi Desert
  3. Gibson Desert
  4. Simpson Desert

8: The sea separating Australia from New Zealand is?

  1. Arafura sea
  2. Tasman sea
  3. Coral sea
  4. Mediterranean sea


9: The oldest Gold mining town of Australia is ?

  1. Kalgoorlie
  2. Grafton
  3. Liverpool
  4. Bambara

10: The Sandy desert of Australia has huge deposits of ?

  1. Coal
  2. Uranium
  3. Petroleum
  4. Mica

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