World Geography Quiz Practice Test 5 (South America-Political)

World Geography Quiz Practice Test 5 (South America-Political) for UPSC Civil Services, SSC etc.

World Geography Quiz Practice Test 5 contains World Geography questions and answers relevant to examinations like UPSC Civil Services, SSC, AFCAT, CDS etc. The World Geography Quiz Practice test 5 focuses on the Political features of Continent of South America. So, these Geography questions are directly or indirectly based on political aspects of Continent of South America.


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1: Which of the following countries are the only two countries in South America that do not have a common border with Brazil?

  1. Chile and Peru
  2. Chile and Ecuador
  3. Suriname and Bolivia
  4. Bolivia and Chile


2: The Equator crosses South America near which of the following cities ?

  1. La Paz
  2. Sao Paulo
  3. Quitto
  4. Buenos Aires


3: The Largest port of South America is in ?

  1. Santiago
  2. Buenos Aires
  3. Rio-de-Janeiro
  4. Sao Paulo


4: Which city of South America is also called as the ‘Murder capital of the world’ ?

  1. La Paz
  2. Cayenne
  3. Sao Paulo
  4. Asuncion

5: Which South American country is also called as the ‘ Coffee Pot of the World’ ?

  1. Chile
  2. Brazil
  3. Uruguay
  4. Bolivia

6: Which of these south-american capitals is the Highest capital in the world ?

  1. La Paz (capital of Bolivia)
  2. Santiago (capital of Chile)
  3. Quitto (capital of Ecuador)
  4. Bogota (capital of Columbia)

7: Which place on earth is also called as the ‘Natural zoo of the world’ ?

  1. Greenland
  2. Amazon forest
  3. Galapagos island
  4. Atacama Desert

8: The Temperate grasslands of South America are called as ?

  1. Pampas
  2. Praries
  3. Steppes
  4. Downs


9: Chile is the world’s largest producer and exporter of  ?

  1. Iron
  2. Petroleum
  3. Copper
  4. Coal

10: Which of these deserts is located in Argentina ?

  1. Atacama desert
  2. Victoria Desert
  3. Sahara Desert
  4. Patagonia Desert

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