A study discovers a new HIV subtype, first since 2000

Researchers have discovered a new subtype of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) called HIV-1 Group M, subtype L which is the first time a subtype of HIV has been found in almost two decades. The researchers from the multinational pharmaceutical company Abott used a tailored method of the next-generation genome sequencing technology to identify the new subtype — an advance showing how this technology is helping scientists stay one stepRead More

Vikram lander detaches successfully

Chandrayaan-2’s lander Vikram detached itself from atop the main spacecraft on 2nd September 2019 afternoon as planned, as it got ready to descend to the moon’s southern surface over the next four days. The lander carries small six-wheeled rover Pragyan within it; once they reach the lunar surface, the rover will get out of Vikram to physically probe moon.

Current Affairs March 2015 – International, Economy, Science and Technology

Current Affairs March 2015       Current Affairs March 2015 – International BBC released a controversial documentary film “India’s Daughter “ based on the Delhi-rape case. Islamic State Group(ISIS) bulldozed and destroyed ancient city of Nimrud in Iraq. Solar Impulse-2, a Solar powered plane, took off to make a round-trip of the world. Simone Gbagbo, the former first lady of Ivory Coast, jailed for 20 years. Cyclone Pam hitRead More