Digital India Campaign – Key Programmes

Digital India Campaign – Key Programmes [ UPSC General Studies Paper 2]:   Digital India week was launched by PM Modi on 1st July 2015 along with launching of Digital India Campaign. The information about the Digital India Campaign is very important as per the UPSC Civil Services is concerned as it forms the part of the ‘Governance and E-governance’ topic mentioned in  the syllabus of General Studies Paper 2.Read More

Indian Art and Culture Gk notes: Cave and Rock-cut Architecture

Indian Art and Culture GK notes: Cave and Rock-cut Architecture This article contains the information about the various Caves and Rock-cut Architecture present in India as part of Indian Art and Culture. The understanding of these architectures along with the general and specific characteristics is very important as far as the Civil Services or other examination is concerned. Cave and Rock-cut architecture: Introduction: The artificial caves were mainly excavated for religiousRead More

India Census 2011 Data at a Glance

India Census 2011 – Data at a Glance This Article lists out the important data related to the Census of India 2011. Data like demographics of India, Population of India, Decadal Growth rate, Sex Ratio, Literacy rates etc. have been compiled. Many questions in various exams like UPSC civil services, State Civil Services, SSC, CDS, Afcat etc. are based directly or indirectly on the latest census of India. These factsRead More

World Heritage Sites in India – [UPSC, SSC Notes]

World Heritage Sites in India recognised by UNESCO: There are total 32 sites (As on 19th April 2015) in India listed as World Heritage sites by United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization(UNESCO). The sites are divided into two types : Cultural sites and Natural sites. The UNESCO World Heritage Convention for pr0tection of world’s important cultural and natural sites was adopted by UNESCO General Conference on 16 November 1972.Read More

Section 66a of IT Act scraped by Supreme Court

Section 66a of IT  Act(Information Technology Act) 2008 declared invalid by Supreme Court of India: Supreme Court of India recently gave a judgement in which it declared Section 66a of IT Act as unconstitutional and invalid. Section 66a of IT Act dealt generally with punishments for sending ‘offensive’ messages over Internet (includes posting on Social Media like Facebook, Twitter) . Supreme court has scraped the Section 66a of IT ActRead More

Union Budget Highlights : 2015 – 2016

Union Budget 2015-2016 : Highlights Union Budget 2015-2016 of India was presented by  the Finance Minister of India Sh. Arun Jaitley on 28th February 2015. The knowledge about yearly Union Budget is very important from the examinations point of view. Many questions are based on the Annual Union Budget in exams like UPSC, SSC, BANK PO, BANK Clerical etc .Also, it is the favorite topic of the interview panel inRead More

Indian History Strategy – UPSC Civil Services

Indian History Strategy for UPSC Civil Services  Indian History is a major part in UPSC Civil Services preparation. No one can think of cracking the IAS exam without having a good hold on the Indian History section. Around 15-20 questions are asked every year in UPSC PRE examination  from Indian History. Here is the Strategy Plan for preparing the Indian History section for UPSC Prelims as well as UPSC Mains.  It will the help theRead More