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HP Gk Questions -Himachal Pradesh Quiz

Q 1: During the reign of which of the following rulers Mohammed Tughlaq captured the Kangra Fort?

  1. Sansar Chand-1

  2. Rup Chand

  3. Prithvi Chand

  4. Megh Chand


Q 2: Who was the ruler of Kangra when Mongol raid took place

  1. Rup Chand

  2. Hari Chand-1

  3. Megh Chand

  4. Prithvi Chand

Q 3: Which Mughal emperor ordered for the arrest of Raja Jai Chand of Kangra?

  1. Akbar

  2. Jahangir

  3. Shahjahan

  4. Aurangzeb

Q 4: Who appointed Ghamand Chand as the Governor of Jalandhara Doab?

  1. Nadir Shah

  2. Alam Shah

  3. Aurangzeb

  4. Ahmad Shah Durrani

Q5: At which of these places a palace for Jahangir was to be built in Kangra?

  1. Raja-ka-Talab

  2. Nagrota

  3. Mauza-gargari

  4. Kotla

Q6: Who was the last Mughal Governor of Kangra?

  1. Saif Ali Khan

  2. Murshid Quli Khan

  3. Nawab Ali Khan

  4. Bairam khan

Q7: What was the ancient name of Kangra?

  1. Gambidika

  2. Hundur

  3. Dhameri

  4. Nagarkot

Q8: Who was the founder of Guler state?

  1. Hari Chand

  2. Vijay Chand

  3. Rup Chand

  4. Ram Chand

Q9: The Raja of which of these states was appointed as the guardian of Raja Dalip Singh of Guler?

  1. Mandi

  2. Chamba

  3. Bilaspur

  4. Shimla

Q10: Who was the last ruling chief of Nurpur?

  1. Mandhata

  2. Prithvi Singh

  3. Bir Singh

  4. Rajrup Singh

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