IBPS Specialist Officer Interview Preparation

IBPS Specialist Officer interview

IBPS Specialist Officers Interview Preparation Strategy:

IBPS Specialist officer Recruitment Written Examination Result were few days ago. Out of lakhs of candidates, a very few have managed to cross the first hurdle, to face the next big hurdle i.e the IBPS Interview. Around 8000 candidates have been declared as qualified for the Interview. Around half of the candidates only will be selected after the interview for the job and rest half will have to start over again.So, The right preparation for the IBPS interview is extremely important.

Process of the IBPS Specialist Officer Interview:

  • All those candidates who are declared qualified in the written Exam will be issued Admit cards for the Interview. If you have not check your IBPS SO 2015 Result, Click Here.
  • You can Download the Admit Cards for IBPS SO interviews from the official IBPS website. Click Here to download your IBPS Admit Card for  the  Specialist Officer interview  2015.
  • The Interviews will be conducted in phases at various centers in the country.
  • It will be of 100 marks and you have to get atleast 40 marks in order to qualify the interview.
  • The Final Merit will be prepared by adding both the IBPS SO Written Exam marks and interview marks in the 80:20 ratio respectively. That means if someone has scored better in written exam will have an edge.
  • Final Result will be declared after 1 or 2 weeks of the interview.

IBPS SO Bank Interview

How to Prepare for IBPS Specialist Officer Interview:

Now, the most important thing is to know that how to prepare for the IBPS Specialist Officer Interview. There must be many questions arising in everyone’s minds. What kinds of questions can be asked? What to read and what not to read? Which book to consult? and many others. Well, let me just make things a little clearer for you.

IBPS Specialist Officer  interview

First of all, like all other interviews you will be tested on two things :

  1. Your Personality
  2. Your Knowledge

Personality Testing :

Now, Personality is something that is build over life and you can’t change or fake what you are not. But There are certain things that you can do and few things that you must avoid in order to impress the Interview panel.

  1. Reach the  Venue a little before time. No one is going to wait for you if you are not there on time.
  2. Behave in the Waiting Hall. Don’t indulge in indisciplinary activities.
  3. Wear a Proper Dress. Avoid casual attires like Jeans/Shorts/T-Shirts. You are going to a formal affair, not a party. Wear Formal dress according to the season.
  4. Always ask for the permission to come in the interview room when you are called for your turn. Don’t just barge in.
  5. Greet the Interview Panel first when you enter the Interview room. If its an All-Male Interview panel, just say ‘Good-Morning/Afternoon Sirs‘. If there are ladies/present in the panel, Greet them first.
  6. Don’t sit in the chair until you are asked to sit by the Interviewers.
  7. Sit very calmly when asked to sit. Don’t make irritating noises by pulling or dragging chair while sitting. Keep the atmosphere calm.
  8. Sit Straight. Don’t Lean over on the table.
  9. Don’t say anything until interview panel asks you something.
  10. Maintain Eye-contact with the Interview Board while answering the questions. Don’t look at the ceiling or somewhere else when talking. It just gives a bad impression.
  11. Not Knowing an answer is completely fine. Just say ‘Sorry, I don’t Know the answer“. But don’t try to guess an answer if you are not sure.
  12. Keep your tone polite and your voice audible.
  13. Always have a decent smile on your face. SMILE is the most powerful weapon during an interview. It should neither be a large smile like you give on a joke nor an invisible smile. You should put on  an appropriate and normal smiling face during the interview.
  14. Don’t do weird things like biting your nails, scratching your head etc.
  15. JUST LEAVE YOUR MOBILE PHONE FOR ONCE. Don’t take your mobile phone with you inside the interview hall, not even in Silent  mode.
  16. Say Thank you when the interview is over. And calmly leave the room.

These are some of the things that you can follow in order to impress the panel and convince them that you have a decent personality.


Knowledge Testing:

There is never a  definite syllabus for an Interview. Well, the Interview board can ask you anything remotely related with your job. Same is the case with IBPS Specialist Officer Interview. You can be asked almost anything to test your General Knowledge. You can be asked anything from your Professional field. And of course, There is no limit  in case of Profile-related questions.

In order to excel in the Knowledge testing, you just have to prepare as many areas as you can. The main areas of questions that one can identify in the  SO interview are:

  1. Profile-related questions
  2. Banking – Gk questions (After all you are going for a Bank Job)
  3. Professional Knowledge

Lets take them one by one.

Profile-related questions:

These are the questions that you will definitely face in an IBPS Specialist Officer Interview. These are the most common questions in any interview. Even though, everything is mentioned in the profile, Interview Board checks the communication skills of the candidates with these questions. These are the questions with which you will create the first impression These are the easiest questions because you know the answer for most of them.

Some of the areas of your profile from where the questions can be asked are your name, family, home state, district, Fathers occupation, your Strength and weakness, educational qualification, work-experience etc. It is better to prepare some of these common questions before going for the interview. Some of the sample profile -related questions in IBPS Specialist Officer Interview  can be:

  • Introduce Yourself.
  • What is the meaning of your name?
  • What is the special thing about your Home District?
  • What are the problems that people of your town face most?
  • What does your Father do?
  • Why do you want to join a Bank?
  • Why do you want to join a Bank  after B.tech? (most common questions for Engineering students)
  • How you rate your marks in Graduation?

TIP: Try practicing the answers for all the profile related questions by speaking in front of mirror in a loud and clear voice.


Banking – GK Questions:

As you are attending an interview for a job in a bank, you are expected to know about Banking in India. You need to brush up your knowledge of Banking. Not only Static Banking General Knowledge but you also need to prepare Latest Current Affairs for last few months. Questions asked are mostly from the topics written below:

  • History of Banking
  • RBI and its Functions
  • Repo Rate, Reverse-Repo, CRR, SLR etc.
  • Committees related to Banking
  • E-Banking
  • Applications of IT in Banking
  • Important Current Affairs  and happenings

Click Here to Read Bank GK for IBPS Specialist Officer Interview.


IBPS SO Bank Interview

Professional Knowledge:

IBPS Specialist Officer Interview is for various specialised jobs like IT Officer, Agricultural Officer, Law Officer, Marketing Officer etc. Depending on your Professional Field, you can be asked few questions. You must prepare some basic concepts from the subjects of your Graduation field or the field you are trying to enter.

Candidates applying for an IT Officer job will be asked questions related to their subjects in Engineering. But they can mostly face questions from DBMS and Networking concepts as these two topics have high application in banking sector. Also, if you can recall, most of the questions in IT Officer written exam were from DBMS and Networking. So, you definitely cannot ignore to avoid these two topics.

Read More

Click Here for probable Banking/Economics related questions.

Click HERE to read basic concepts of DBMS for IBPS Specialist Officer Interview.
Click HERE to read basic concepts of Networking for IBPS Specialist Officer Interview.

Have any doubt regarding the IBPS SPECIALIST OFFICER INTERVIEW PREPARATION? Leave your Comments down below and Lets Discuss. May be i can Help!

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