Early positive signs before the INVESTMENT SUMMIT to be held on November 7-8 at Dharmasala were witnessed at the Rising Himachal Global Investor’s Meet organised by the Himachal Pradesh Government at Chandigarh.

The Chief Minister and the Industries Minister of the State accompanied various officials from the Himachal Pradesh Government. MoUs worth Rs 886 crore were signed between the government and various business houses. The Chief Minister on this occasion urged the investors to explore more business opportunities in the State.


  • Himachal Pradesh is the 22nd largest state economy in India with 22 billion $ in GDP.
  • It has the 13th highest per capita income among the states and the UTs of India.
  • Its ranks 2nd on human development index indicators after Kerala.
  • The per capita income of the state has registered 10 percent increase from the financial year 2018-2019 while the national growth was 6 percent.
  • The state has the high worker – participation rate and the lowest losses in terms of man-days attributed to labour problems in the country.

As of now more than 291 MoUs worth Rs 38000 crore have been signed for investment in diverse sectors in Himachal Pradesh but it is still quite far from the Rs 80000 crore mark the State government hopes to achieve.

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