Himachal GK Previous Years Questions (HPAS 2005)

Himachal GK Previous Years Questions and Answers – HPAS 2005:

Himachal GK

The following Article lists the Himachal GK Previous years Questions that were part of Himachal Pradesh Administrative Services Examination 2005 (HPAS – 2005 ). The answers to all the Himachal GK questions are also listed along with the questions.

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The previous years questions are very important from the HPPSC exams point of view as there are strong chances of some questions getting repeated in future HPAS and other HPPSC exams. Also, students can get a sense of the type of Himachal GK questions that are asked in HPAS which will help in better preparation.

Himachal GK Questions – HPAS 2005:

  • Among Zaskar, HinduKush, PirPanjal and Dhauladhar, which range lies outside H.P ?
    • HinduKush
  • In which century, Padmasambhava preached Buddhism in Himachal Pradesh?
    • 8th Century
  • On which river is situated the town of Chamba?
    • Ravi
  • What is the total area under Forests (in percentage) in Himachal Pradesh?
    • 66.5%
  • When was the ‘Territorial Council’ formed in Himachal Pradesh?
    • 1957 A.D
  • Which is the rainiest place in Himachal Pradesh?
    • Dharamshala
  • In which scripture is the 40 year war between Kirat King Shambhar and Aryan King Devodas mentioned?
    • Rig Veda
  • Which of the following Rivers does not flow through Himachal Pradesh – Yamuna, Chenab, Beas, Jhelum?
    • Jhelum
  • What is ‘Gaddi’?
    • Gaddi is a Pastoral tribe of HP
  • Which princely state adopted a neutral attitude during the Revolt of 1857?
    • Rampur Bushahr
  • What was the system of ‘Begar’ that was prevalent in HP and some other states before Independence?
    • System of Forced Labour without Payment.
  • Who was S N Stokes?
    • An American Missionary in Himachal Pradesh
  • In which princely state did Sh. Y S Parmar serve as a District and Session Judge?
    • Sirmaur
  • When was the Himalayan Hill states Regional Council formed?
    • 1946 A.D

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  • Which states were under Direct-Rule of the British before Independence?
    • Kangra, Lahaul-Spiti, Kullu, Chamba, Mandi
  • Which princely state initially refused to join the Indian Union?
    • Bilaspur
  • When did the Chief Commisioner’s province of Himachal Pradesh came into existence?
    • 15 April 1948
  • What was the effect of the State Reorganisaton Commission on the position of Himachal Pradesh?
    • Himachal Pradesh became a Union Territory
  • Who was Rin Chan Sang Po?
    • A Tibetan scholar sent to India for Buddhist Studies
  • Which ruler renovated the famous 13th century Baijnath temple in the 19th century?
    • Raja Sansar Chand of Kangra
  • ‘Tons’ is the tributary of which river?
    • Yamuna
  • ‘Beas’ river enters the plains at which place?
    • Mirthal
  • ‘Bhadal’ and ‘Tantagiri’ forms which river in Himachal Pradesh?
    • Ravi
  • Among Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana and kerela which state has the largest area?
    • Himachal Pradesh
  • Where in HP is the University of Horticulture and Forestry located?
    • Nauni (District Solan)
  • Which party gained a majority in the Himachal Pradesh Assembly in the general elections of 1977?
    • Janata Party
  • Which place in HP is considered as sacred by Buddhist, Hindus and Sikhs alike?
    • Rewalsar in District Mandi
  • Who was the first to discover Shimla as a fine hill station?
    • Major Kennedy
  • What is the percentage of Scheduled Caste population in Himachal Pradesh?
    • 24 %(approx.)
  • Among Kinnaur, Pangi, Bharmour and Solan which one is not a tribal area in Himachal Pradesh?
    • Solan
  • In which districts of HP  is Tea grown traditionally?
    • Kangra and Mandi
  • At which place is the Bhuri Singh museum located in Himachal pradesh?
    • Chamba
  • What is Guru Ghantal?
    • A famous Buddhist Monastery in Lahaul-Spiti
  • In which year Himachal Pradesh attained full statehood?
    • 1971 A.D


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